7 Positions She’s Sure to Love

Once you’ve got a girl from a dating site to find sex, you want to keep her interested. If you feel like she just isn’t into you in the bedroom, you might be right! Girls are notoriously hard to please, so just the bare minimum is not going to cut it for your babe (she’s a woman, not a teenager). The basic missionary position won’t be enough, so think outside the box. You don’t want her to have to fake it with you, so put in the extra effort to really make her scream with pleasure. To maintain your sex life, check out these seven sexy positions that’ll bring her to climax every time.

The Missionary revamped

“Give new meaning to the missionary position”

“Give new meaning to the missionary position”

Okay, this one is familiar to you and is a good starting point. Keep her on her back but with her butt up on a pillow – literally more cushion for the pushing, and it’ll help you get at a better angle to stimulate her G-spot. Make it even better for the both of you by putting her legs up over your shoulders. This little move doesn’t take much flexibility and tightens her vaginal muscles so she seems tighter and you seem bigger. Having her on her back also allows you to get a full-frontal view of her and gives you access to all her most sensitive spots. If she’s slow to climax, use those spots to your advantage! There’s no rule that says you can’t go for her clit while you’re inside her – be a little greedy and she’ll be happy.

The Cowgirl

“Let her ride you”

“Let her ride you”

You’ve probably seen this one on television or online; it’s common enough to not be too advanced, but it’s a definite keeper. Sadly the dating sites for sex that you found her on don’t tell you her favorite positions, but she’s sure to love this one. The cowgirl gives her more freedom to control the movements, pace, and your depth. For a more sensitive girl, this is the ideal position. Having sex with you in control might be intimidating to her and it might be painful if she’s too sensitive, so let her take the reins! Not only does she get to enjoy riding you, if she leans backward her G-spot is stimulated while her clit is stimulated if she leans forward. It’s a total win for you both. Try turning her around to do the reverse cowgirl once you have this position down.

The Big Spoon

“Spooning is the most comfortable position”

“Spooning is the most comfortable position”

This one is for those lazy days when you just can’t get out of bed and want to spend it lying spooned up next to her. It’s also a great one to use as a nightcap that isn’t too physically taxing on either of you. With both of you lying on your side, get inside her and thrust slowly. In this position, you can play with her tits or her clit to increase her pleasure. Another great way to bring her to orgasm is to have her cross her legs at the ankle. That might sound weird, but it actually clenches her legs tighter and contracts her muscles so she holds your penis tighter. When you’re done, you’re already in a perfect post-coital position to drift off to sleep or have some pillow talk.

Doggy Style

Chances are you’ve heard of this one – aside from missionary and the cowgirl, this position is the most well-known. A lot of people consider this position to be dirty or disrespectful, but that’s a total load of bull. In actuality, this is an easy to maintain position that stimulates both of you equally and is most likely to make her come for you. The position naturally drives your penis right into her G-spot and tightens her muscles, so you’ll seem bigger and she’ll seem tighter than ever. A common misconception with this position, though, is that it’s best to keep her on her hands and knees – doing that is a quick way to injure her wrists. Not only is she bearing her own weight almost entirely on her wrists, she’s also absorbing each thrust into them. To save her the pain, have her down on her elbows instead. It’s more convenient anyway, as her elbows can lock up if she’s on her hands and then give way without warning.

The Dangle

“Let her head dangle off the bed for the ultimate head rush”

“Let her head dangle off the bed for the ultimate head rush”

If you were on a sex finding site for dating, then it’s obvious that the girl you picked up knows the ropes and has been around a time or two. Unless it was an accident, she probably hasn’t done this little number! This sex position can work as an add-on to a lot of other positions such as the missionary and the spoon, not to mention it’s ridiculously simple. Instead of making sure her head is on a pillow, dangle it off the bed instead! It might look uncomfortable, but the way she’s bent back will expose her breasts (go get them, guys!) and will send blood rushing to her head. This creates a sort of euphoria similar to the dizziness she feels while being drunk that will send her spiraling into orgasm again and again.

The Pick-Me-Up

This one isn’t for weak guys; it takes a ton of upper body strength, but can be modified to suit those who aren’t so buff. If you’re a bit of a macho man, she’s bound to be impressed with this move, in which you literally pick her up and hold her around your waist while you go at her. She’ll be turned on enough by how strong you are, but what she’ll really love is how close you have to hold her to accomplish this position – keep your hands on her butt and hold her steady while you thrust, or move her instead. If you aren’t too strong, the situation is easily remedied by throwing in a wall. Either way you’ll get deep in her while being able to control the situation, and with her legs around your waist she’ll seem unbelievably tight. The position is also ideal for hitting her G-spot and stimulating her clit, as well as aligning her breasts with your mouth (you know what to do). It’s a romantic way to show her that you just can’t wait to get her to the bedroom.

The Tabletop

“Get adventurous”

“Get adventurous”

For a more adventurous position outside the bedroom, try out the tabletop position. A lot of guys might shy away from it due to sanitation concerns, but hey, 409 exist for a reason. Make her glad you found her on that dating site when you were looking for sex by showing her your adventurous side. Have her lay on her back on the table (the cool surface will feel great and make her seem even hotter than she is), and you stand in front of her. If it makes you more comfortable, lean forward so your torso is on hers while you move and amp up the pleasure by wrapping her legs around your waist. This will help you hit her G-spot and send her on a one-way trip to pleasure town, eliminating any need for her to fake it ever again. These positions are the perfect way to please her and keep her coming back for more.

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Nook Vs Kindle: Which One You Like Better?

There are lots of different tablets designed and created for busy people on the go. Not only these tablets are handy to help people achieve better performance at work and for entertainment purpose, they are also equipped with various types of applications and programs that can please the users’ requirements and satisfaction. Among the major brands and types of tablets available for sale, there are two most distinguished types that avid readers can consider about: the Nook and the Kindle. Which tablet should they buy for their own enjoyment? What specs and features they can get from the devices?

The Similarities

Before talking further about the differences, let’s talk about the similarities of the devices. Both tablets come in very nice size and arrangements. Both of them also feel right on the hand, especially when held and gripped. Both Nook and Kindle comes with lightweight feature that allows users to carry them around easily. The size is nice and compact, so they can be easily slipped and carried within a bag or a pouch. Both of them are dedicated for avid readers who pay attention to their spending. As we know, the cost of electronic books is relatively lower than the paper type books, due to the consideration of publishing and printing. Not to mention that people can always carry around lots of books easily with the e-books type. Imagine how big the bag is when people have to carry hundreds of their collections in paper style mode. With the e-book mode and tablet, they only need to carry one single device for their hundreds of collection.

The Nook

Although both the Nook and the Kindle comes with very nice ergonomic design and style, the Kindle comes with nicer grip and feel. It is lightweight yet solid and sturdy enough, unlike the Nook that comes with ‘easy to drop’ feel – if IT enthusiasts know what it means. However, the button placement on the Kindle isn’t as nice as the Nook and it can be confusing for first time user. When people are using Nook, they can always enjoy the easy implementation and operation – despite whether they are first time user or not. The Kindle doesn’t come with control button for the volume, so it has this muffled sound quality. The screen on the Nook is certainly nicer than Kindle since it allows users to read the content easily indoor as well as outdoor. There is no complaint when reading the book outdoor. It has video playback feature, which Kindle doesn’t have.

The Kindle

Kindle vs. Nook

Kindle vs. Nook

The Kindle comes with 3G feature that allows users to have direct access to the internet right away. Kindle also comes with touchscreen feature, which makes the whole operation easier and nicer. Both devices come with different size of internal memory capacity; Kindle comes with internal 4GB capacity, while Nook comes with 8GB capacity. Both of the devices can be used to read materials in several general formats, like doc, txt, and pdf, but Kindle can support formats like html, prc, and azw; while Nook focuses more on epub format.

Nook HD vs. Kindle Fire HD

Nook HD vs. Kindle Fire HD

Basically it is up to people to choose whatever device they want. If they already have certain preference and like over a certain device they will stay choosing it; no matter what. After all, both devices are good and reliable in their own sense and quality. People only need to choose which one they like most.

Simple Ways on How to Deal with your Crazy Ex (CXB)

There are so many ways in dealing and avoiding a crazy ex in your life in easy way and not making further chaos into your life this happen after break up and might have a hard time moving on to their lives. Some people who have been dumped will find ways to win back their ex, by hook or by crook.

There are ways on determining and preventing things when it comes to dealing with crazy ex or CXB for short.

Assess the situation

First we should be starting from us by doing some assessment if he is really part of CXB or maybe we might be exaggerating things after break up. It would still be normal for our ex to be calling us once a day within a week and after that it should be lesser and lesser on the following weeks. If this still happen after few weeks and still getting calls from him like more than two calls a day still after a month. Hearing him out for the early stage of break-up might still help him to move but if not and he is already bothering and feels like you are being harassed already on his phone calls then easiest way is to change all your numbers ex. Telephone, mobile phones this may be an inconvenient for you but it would help a lot.

Giving a lukewarm approach

Second there would be a lot of chances on bumping into him into places that you usually go to. In this case you could give him a simple Hello and Goodbyes but not more than that could lead to a long conversation. Small talk can be possible and stick with your friends as much as possible. Do not avoid him for it might lead to aggressiveness and controlling.

Do not avoid her.

Do not avoid her.

Social media glitch

Third as it usually happen in a relationship are sharing of social media thing ex. Facebook, Twitter most of the times we cannot avoid to share your password and other details, immediately after the break up change all your passwords and in IM’s and e-mails you need to observed if he sends you some harassing messages if this happen immediately delete and blocked him. And if in case that you bumped into him and would ask you why are not online or returning his messages you could say “haven’t been online on the past few days”.




What’s important is that you to have RESPECT for each other. Bear in mind that you respect them in spite of how they handle the situation. If they still opt to be immature and unreceptive of your appeal for them to stop then there’s not much you can do. Just let them be. Sooner or later they’re going to learn their lesson the hard.

5 Super Foods That Are Tasty And Also Healthy

People often feel reluctant to eat veggies and fruits because they are bored with the regular and common veggies. There are actually some new super veggies that are considered healthier and better than the old and boring veggies. Most people think that all veggies are plain and not yummy at all, but they are not completely correct. These super veggies are sweet and tasty, and when people are able to include them within their daily diet, they can achieve better health and fitness level.

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

These veggies have dark range-ish hue that is rich in antioxidant, especially the beta carotene. Beta carotene is important because it will be changed into vitamin A within the body. It is also important to improve the immune system as well as improving the sight. They are also rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin, C, B, and also E. When people consume the veggies, they will have less possibility of suffering from cancer. Sweet potato is a food that is believed to be a natural anti aging. Preparing them is easy as people can always bake or use them as filling. They also have low calories level, between 80 calories and 160 calories.

Blueberries and Apples

Blueberries an other Healty Fruits

Blueberries an other Healty Fruits

Both of these fruits are full of antioxidants and nutrients. They are also rich in fibrous content. Apples have the special substance called the pectin, which is responsible for lowering the cholesterol. Blueberries have the special substance called the resveratrol, which is responsible for preventing cancer and protecting the heart. Both of the fruits can be consumed as snack, side dish, or turned into dessert. Apples are usually consumed as snacks while blueberries are consumed as desserts. Having a fist of blueberries are enough to prevent hunger and to provide natural sugar for the body. Both of the fruits have low calories; between 80 calories and 100 calories per cup.




Not many people know that the purple eggplant can be a wonderful supplement for the body. The eggplant has the so called chlorogenic acid which is believed to be handy enough to prevent and combat cholesterol issue. Not only people will experience improvement in their blood flow, their overall health will also improve because this veggie contains high level of antioxidants. Eggplant is believed to control the numbers of iron in the body, so it won’t be too excessive and cause health issues.

White Onion

White onion is good to deal with insulin resistance issue and diabetes. Since onion has high level of sulphur and chromium, it can deal with diabetes. Onion is also rich in vitamin C so it can combat the harmful free radicals in the most natural way. When people don’t get enough exercise or they don’t get the intake from their daily diet, consuming onion will be enough because it is rich in chromium. Another good benefit of onion is the fact that people can grow it on their front or back yard.


Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which is an important substance to combat cancerous cells. Consuming tomatoes can protect people from breast, lung, pancreatic, colorectal, and prostate cancer. They can also be grown in the back or front yard.

Healthy Vegetables

Healthy Vegetables

Those are the super veggies that can be consumed on daily basis. They can also be prepared in various ways so people won’t have to be bored with their daily consumption anymore.

How to Improve Your Credit Score

Having a bad credit score can be one of the most difficult situations to be in. Applying for a credit card is hard because you have a bad credit score. You will also have a hard time applying for a loan when you have a credit card score. Once you have a bad credit card score, it’s not the end of the world. You can still improve your credit score. Here are some tips on how to improve your credit score so that you can buy the thing that you want and you won’t have a hard time applying for loans and credit card.

Apply for a bad credit A bad credit is a credit that you need to apply so that you can improve your credit score. The key to a bad credit is making sure you do it right. When you are not able to pay your dues in the past, this was a big contributing factor to your bad credit score. So you can improve your credit card score, negotiate for a monthly payment of your loan. Make sure to pay on time so that you can completely pay the bad credit so you can improve your credit score.

Consult a credit adviser When you lose hope in your credit card score, schedule a meeting with a credit consultant. The credit consultant can help you in many ways. First, the credit consultants will your credit card score. From there, they can determine what’s the problem is. They can call the debtors and negotiate for a restructured debt. A restructured debt is a debt whose due date was moved and monthly dues become smaller. When you have a restructured debt, the credit advisor can give you a much lower monthly due. You can now pay the rest of your debt on time.

Improve a Bad Credit Score

Improve a Bad Credit Score

Pay your credit card on time Paying your credit card dues on time can have a lot of advantages. First, you don’t have to deal with interest rates. Second, when you pay regularly, your credit card limit will get bigger and bigger. And lastly, this will be reviewed by the different companies. When are a good payor on your credit card, this will significantly improve your credit card score.

Use cash- When you use cash, you can never go wrong. As much as possible, you need to stop using your credit cards and debit cards. When you use cash, you don’t have to apply for loans and other new debts. You no longer have to deal with cutoff dates and large credit card fees. You’ll be able to discipline yourself because you will align your expenses with the available cash only.

Know your credit score

Know your credit score

Remember not to lose hope when you have a bad credit score. There is still a chance. Based on the tips listed above, you can improve your credit card score by applying for a bad credit, pay your credit card dues to time, by consulting a debt consultant and lastly to use cash whenever you can. When you follow the tips listed above, you’ll surely improve your credit card score at once.

5 Signs You’re About To Lose Your Job

There are many reasons why a company decides to let go of their employees. Mergers and layoffs are just two of these reasons. Although there are signs that tell you that you’re about to be fired, some signs are not so clear and you may end up shocked once you get the pink slip. Here are 5 warning signs that your job may be in jeopardy.

1.) You have lesser responsibilities

You have lesser work to do. You are no longer part of projects. Your promotion has been stalled. At times, you may be given a dead-end task. If the office intern gets more tasks than you do, then your final days may be near. These signs tell you that the company no longer needs your skills and managers don’t see the company needing you in the future.

2.) Your boss doesn’t treat you the same way

Take note of your boss’s behaviour. Any major changes can mean that you’re about to go. Your boss may be not as friendly as before. Appointments may also be cancelled.

3.) You’re always left behind

Working with co-workers..

Working with co-workers..

No one asks for your ideas before making decisions. No one asks you to join a meeting you usually attend. No one even invites you to a company event. Pay attention to how your co-workers are treating you. If they become silent the moment you enter the pantry, then you know something’s going on. It may be a signal that the company no longer needs your services and looks at you as an additional expense. The best way to deal with this is to start looking for another job.

4.) You’ve been provided with a poor performance review

Performance reviews are usually full of praises. Negative comments are typically few. However, if your recent review makes you look like you’ve done nothing right, you have to be ready for the pink slip. It isn’t always a sign that you are going to lose your job. Perhaps you were not able to perform at the level expected from you. If that’s the case, then your boss should give you time to improve yourself. However, in many instances, it’s your boss’s way of creating a case where he or she can terminate you.

5.) They’re looking to hire someone who will have same job as you

Companies typically hire a replacement before firing an employee. If you see job postings that look like they’re going to hire another person who’ll have the same work that you have, be prepared. It’s possible that you’ll be asked to train the person first before they fire you.

Hire a replacement before firing an employee

Hire a replacement before firing an employee

When you are aware of these red flags, you’ll be able to plan the next move you’ll make. Never obsess yourself over the situation. The best thing to do is to remain positive and to improve at work. It’s also best to update your resume and begin looking for work so that you’re ready the moment they hand you the pink slip.